Industrial Design

Track System for Antonio Carraro

Subsidiary involved
Soucy International, Rubber Tracks Division
OEM for Industrial Vehicules

The Soucy group has created a track system specially adapted to vineyards for a renowned Italian manufacturer.

The Need

The wine culture being extremely important in Italy, manufacturer Antonio Carraro – who has designed specialized tractors since 1910 – wanted to offer their customers a tractor equipped with a track system that travels easily in vineyards, while protecting the soil surface and offering high stability regardless of the steepness of the ground. With its strong experience in track systems, the Soucy Group was selected to design the product.

The Challenge

The track system had to reflect the strong presence of the sophisticated industrial design of the Italian brand of vehicles, while meeting stringent technical and mechanical requirements. Following studies and analysis of the client’s product DNA, the industrial design team proposed various styles for the main visual components, such as the sprocket, wheels, and main frame. Working in a multidisciplinary team with their engineering colleagues, the design team had to maintain the right balance between each of these components.

The Solution and its Advantages

The track system that was developed offers state-of-the-art synergy between style and functionality.

  • Smooth integration with the tractor
  • Prominence of the company emblem directly on the central moulding
  • Rugged look thanks to the rounded shape closing inward