Click N go

Click N Go 2 Plow


Subsidiary involved
Soucy International, Track System, Parts & Accessories Division
Engineering and Industrial Design
OEM of Recreative Vehicules

The Click N Go 2 plow has excellent plowing performance while providing a superior lifting height.

The Need

The Click N Go 2 plow system of the Soucy group has been valued by the industry for many years thanks to its efficiency. Trusting the innovative capabilities of the Soucy group, a client working in the recreational vehicle field expressed a desire to offer a new plow system with novel features.

The Challenge

The engineering and industrial design team of Soucy International, Division of Track Systems, Parts and Accessories, had to develop a plow system that takes advantage of the strengths of the Click N Go plow system while addressing its problems, such as the low lifting height and clearance under the vehicle caused by the plow attachment.

The Solution and its Advantages

The development of a dual pivot system allowed to increase the lifting height while maintaining the remarkable efficiency of the plow. More precisely, the designers added a pivot point in order to obtain a greater lifting height. The system now returns to its original position using three spring leaves. The problem regarding ground clearance was solved through a new, more compact design of the attachment that we positioned differently under the vehicle.

  • Lifting height of more than 16 inches for ATVs, instead of 8 to 11 inches
  • Better clearance under the vehicle
  • Performance equivalent to the Click N Go
  • Superior look
  • Exclusive colour on the market: titanium grey
  • Universal plow attachment fitting more than 75% of models

Improved performance when the plow is detached