Cabine VTT

Cabin for side by side vehicles

Subsidiary involved
Soucy International, Track System, Parts & Accessories Division
Engineering and Industrial Design
OEM of Recreational Vehicules

The first cab designed entirely by Soucy is a high-quality unit equipped with a roof, doors, and front and back panels.

The Need

The client sought a cab with a quality level that would live up to the reputation of Soucy. The Soucy International team members from the Track System, Parts & Accessories Division – who had never developed cabs – decided to accept the challenge. Furthermore, the off-road utility vehicle market was expressing a growing need for those useful accessories.

The Challenge

To develop their expertise, the engineering and industrial design team analyzed the products available on the market and tested numerous cabs to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a new product with superior design.

The Solution and its Advantages

The resulting cab looks sharp with its modern aesthetic that integrates well with its vehicle. It is designed to adapt to the shape and components of the vehicle in an airtight fashion in order to protect the user from harsh weather. This perfect fit is a great achievement in terms of design due to the large variations from one vehicle to the other, as well as the base units, which were not drawn with a cab in mind. The team was cost-conscious as well, creating a sliding windows system since the existing ones were too expensive.

  • Aesthetics and smooth integration with the vehicle
  • Double-walled roof allowing for the installation of speakers
  • Sunroof
  • Front panel allowing a wiper system to be installed
  • Front panel with three positions: closed, a slot for air circulation, and fully open
  • Rear polycarbonate panel for more light
  • Rotomoulded door for a high-quality interior finish
  • Door with sliding windows