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Soucy unveils its new Four-Track Tractor Solution for Snow Grooming

March 9, 2018
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Soucy unveils its new Four-Track Tractor Solution for Snow Grooming

At an exclusive event on March 2, Canadian company Soucy International Inc. unveiled the S-TECH 600G, its new winter track system for snow grooming. The launch was highly successful, attended by more than 250 people who had the opportunity to try the system, including several snowmobile club presidents and agricultural dealers from Quebec, Ontario and northern United States.

Since Soucy arrived on the grooming market, the four-track tractor solution has become increasingly popular compared to machines dedicated for grooming. More than a hundred snowmobile clubs in North America have chosen to equip their tractor with Soucy tracks. “A tractor is easy to maneuver, quiet to drive and provides excellent visibility. It is designed to pull heavy loads and work for long hours without breaking down and without incurring high repair costs. With a track system that works this well, we only need to do our job: maintain the trails,” said the president of the Vermont-based Caribou Snowmobile club.

Snowmobile club operators who were able to test the S-TECH 600G-equipped tractor unanimously agreed: the new track system design has greatly reduced vibration and considerably increased ride comfort. They were also glad to see that grease axles have been replaced by oil axles, reducing maintenance to every 500 hours.

The S-TECH 600G gives several snowmobile clubs what they need when faced with trails in mountainous areas: traction. “We’ve created an entirely different track profile, designed to encapsulate the snow and grip the surface. We’ve also developed a new rubber recipe that’s been tested in extreme winter conditions. When equipped with the optional Track Claws, our track systems allow the tractor to climb practically any slope,” says François Soucy, vice president of sales and marketing at Soucy Track.

The S-TECH 600G is available for sale and is compatible with all the big tractor brands.

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