Social Involvement

The Soucy group and its employees contribute to the wellness of the community and their partners by being involved in health, education, culture and sports. The following projects illustrate the type of social projects the company is involved in all over the world.

Marie-Rivier Sciences Project (French only)

Second Year

After last year's safety cage, time for body design in the "Conçois tonkart" project with the students of Marie-Rivier High School inDrummondville. Take a short video tour in our studios and observe our designersacting as mentors for young trainees.

First Year

The High school stutends from Marie-Rivier sciences program, in partnership with Soucy group's engineering and design teams, have produced a full scale working kart during 2013-2014 school year. Learn more about this great collaboration!


Sciences students present their concepts to the Soucy group's project managers.

The Soucy group welcomed students to visits their facilities and reveal the winning design. See you next year to pursue the project. 


VIP Metal Day (French Only)

Four Drummondville companies, including Soucy Rivalair, welcomed students from the Drummondville area to introduce them to machinist and welding jobs. 

Fondation Ste-Croix/Heriot

In 2006, employees of the Soucy group unanimously decided to support the Fondation Ste-Croix/Heriot, which raises funds to maintain and support the quality level of CSSS Drummond (the regional health and social services centre). At the time, it was an unprecedented and innovative partnership.

Since then, employees of the Soucy group have proven to be true artisans of great philanthropic works. Thanks to their involvement, a series of fundraising projects were initiated to allow the purchase of priority equipment.

By focusing our actions on this cause, we hope to make a difference and make it possible for the entire population of the region to receive treatment closer to home, rather than in faraway hospitals.

As one observer said: "If the Fondation Sainte-Croix/Heriot was already a very powerful driver, the employees of the Soucy group just want to be its well-manufactured racing car..."

Top réussite

Since 2006, Soucy is the first link in a chain of Drummondville employers putting in every effort to combat school dropout occurrences. As an employer, we know that we can have a positive influence on young people. They often require significant role models and a tangible source of inspiration, and we are committed to adopt the best practices to support student success.

Thus, a great number of activities are carried out that allow young people to be in contact with the labour market and discover different fields of study.

We organize visits to companies, we collaborate on study projects, we welcome interns, and some of our employees volunteer as speakers in schools to talk to young people about their own school path and the profession they now practice.