Soucy Koutou

Visit the websiteSoucy Koutou specializes in sewn and upholstered products and parts in moulded polyurethane and integral skin. The company was founded in 1990 by Mr. Gilles Soucy to first meet the needs of the Soucy group in snowmobile-related products.

Since 2000, Soucy Koutou has offered a variety of products in the following commercial, industrial, government and military sectors: powersports vehicles, transport by rail, aviation, transit vehicles, medical and rehabilitation equipment, and office furniture.

Examples of products manufactured by Soucy Koutou:

Integral skin productIntegral skin product Integral skin productIntegral skin product Moulded polyurethane productMoulded polyurethane product Sewed productsSewed products Upholstered productsUpholstered products