Travel Limiter for Active Control Truck Seat

Subsidiary involved
Engineering and Vibration Specialists
Active Control System Developpers

Soucy Baron designed a durable travel limiter answering to a precise braking curve.

The Need

Travel limiters are generally designed to stop a movement, with no regard to the way the braking is done over time or to the service life of the limiter. In 2010, a client working in the field of active control systems asked the Soucy Baron engineering and vibration team to develop a travel limitation device with a specific braking curve and increased durability.

The Challenge

Since the previous travel limiter had a relatively short service life due to the repeated impacts it had to endure, the challenge was to lengthen the useful life of the component while giving it a braking curve that met precise target values.

The Solution and its Advantages

The use of nonlinear rubber models in a finite element software allowed our team to predict the force and displacement curve and to minimize stress on the part.

  • Respect of the established service life 
  • Compliance with the requested force/displacement curve
  • Cost reduction due to the removal of the metal component from the assembly design
  • A successful design which led to a long-term business relationship with the client and the design of other parts
  • Workable solutions for the automobile, transportation and freight industries