Doors for side by side vehicles

Subsidiary involved
Soucy International,
Track System, Parts &
Accessories Division
Engineering and
Industrial Design
OEM of Recreative Vehicules

The Soucy group has designed doors for the Wildcat and Wildcat Trail vehicles which are made of plastic with a metal frame, in order to comply with the standards of the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA).

The Need

In recent years, the Soucy engineering and industrial design team worked with the Arctic Cat manufacturing team to develop doors to be integrated into the production of a number of recreational vehicles meeting the required standards.

The Challenge

For some time, the OEMs have had to comply with the ROHVA standard, which includes requirements related to the covering and resistance of the doors of all utility vehicles. The problem lies in complying with these rules while still creating an attractive and inexpensive product, easy to install on a production line. For Wildcat doors, the challenge resided in the development of new expertise, as these would be their first ATV doors intended for mass production that were designed and manufactured by the Soucy group.

The Solution and its Advantages

The design was done in collaboration with the client's engineering department in order to develop doors that integrated well with the vehicle. The client expressed his interest in the development and industrial design capacities of the Soucy group, as well as the quality of the collaborative work between the two company teams. The first batches of doors were successfully delivered in December 2013.

  • Compliance with the ROHVA standard
  • Perfect integration with the vehicle
  • Car-style handle
  • Cost optimization