Mélangeage de caoutchouc

Rubber Compound

The Recipe for Success

The team of chemists and engineers at soucy Group – the professionals at Soucy Techno Inc. in particular – use a mixing method which uniformly disperses the various ingredients of a rubber recipe to obtain a unique compound of superior quality. A high level of dispersion of the ingredients is achieved by means of internal mixers with synchronized rotors. Products composed of these rubber compounds meet the ISO 9001:2000 Standard and comply with different resistance characteristics specific to their environment, including the technical specifications of the project.

Custom-made rubber compound.

The Soucy advantages:

  • Better quality control
  • Adaptation of the rubber recipe according to the client needs
  • Comprehensive and state-of-the-art testing laboratory
  • Proven manufacturing processes, such as lean methodology

Exemples of rubber parts :

CalenderingCalendering Carbone black concentrateCarbone black concentrate Rubber mixingRubber mixing PreformingPreforming