Product Development

From development to production, the human and technical know-how of the Soucy group is one of its major distinctive advantages, which allows it to develop high-quality, innovative products with high added value for your business.

Teams of industrial designers, engineers, designers, prototypists, and chemists are available to you. Whether it is for a part, a track system, a rubber compound or any other project, the Soucy group is attentive to your needs by designing products that perfectly meet technical specifications.

Here is the development process proposed by the Soucy group:



Based on your specifications, teams of engineers, industrial designers, and chemists work together to develop the ideal solution to suit your needs.

Preuve de concept

Proof of concept

Teams of model makers and prototypists quickly give life to your idea in order to validate its feasibility.


All Soucy group experts coordinate their efforts to develop the solution that best suits you by determining the best optimization method for your product and selecting the right materials for its implementation.


Designers bring a touch of innovation that will ensure you stand out from the competition.


Chemists will find the rubber recipe that fits your needs.


Engineers will design the product according to your requirements and constraints.



Your product will go through three steps of rigorous testing and validation: virtual validation, bench testing and physical testing.

Production readiness

Production readiness

A team of specialists addresses the optimal design of your product to eliminate any waste of time and materials, thus ensuring the best possible cost.



With the Soucy group, you will save time and money by calling on a single supplier with all of the required manufacturing and design facilities readily available. Thanks to the one-stop shop concept, it is easier to ensure the quality of processes and products throughout the manufacturing phases.

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