Procurement Strategy

The Soucy group is a modern enterprise with leading-edge manufacturing and information systems, such as ERP systems, and a team of expert purchasers who are constantly on the lookout for best practices. Since meeting your deadlines is a priority, our procurement teams work tirelessly to deliver on time, keeping in mind your requirements and adapting quickly to your specifications.

Playing a strategic role in achieving goals and optimizing the supply chain, our procurement staff is an integral part of the multidisciplinary teams working closely to satisfy your requests.

Here is what procurement teams in all our subsidiaries promise you:

  • Turnkey services and logistics management, from order to delivery.
  • Extensive research to provide the most competitive prices without compromising quality.
  • Dynamic, client-oriented teams that are able to adapt to any situation.
  • Quality assurance teams ensuring that products and raw materials meet all of your specifications.

Canadian Expertise and Chinese Production Capacity: The Best of Both Worlds

Multiplying the impact of the Soucy group production force, our Soucy China subsidiary is well established in Asia, where the team is tasked with finding the best Asian suppliers. Field experts ensure the high quality of the entire product range with integral quality process management and engineering support. Thanks to this Asian subsidiary, Soucy group can assess all the possibilities available on the global market and thus expand the offering to you.