Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy 

This policy applies to all Soucy group companies and its employees.

ln accordance with its 5 Values: Team Work, Respect, Customer Focus, Innovation and Commitment towards Excellence, the Employer undertakes to implement and enforce a healthy and safe work environment by taking all the necessary steps to ensure the health, security, well-being and physical and psychological integrity of all its Employees.

The Employer also commits to guide visitors and contractors in its buildings and on its lands.

We strongly believe that health and safety form an integral part of sound management practices and that those practices must be integrated into a system that is continuously improving.

Soucy group designs and manufactures a variety of components and parts for major manufacturers of powersport, industrial, agricultural and defense vehicles. The group's strength cornes from the complementarity of its services and the extent of its expertise that make a single source for innovative solutions and turnkey projects.

Sustained efforts towards prevention is a joint responsibility of the Employer, the Managers and all the Employees.

The Employer undertakes to:

  • lntegrate occupational safety and health into its business processes and activities;
  • Manage its operations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to which it is subject;
  • ldentify, evaluate, reduce and control risks that cannot be eliminated;
  • Train workers provide them all the support and coaching required to help them carry out their job safely;
  • Roll-out and post this policy.

The Managers must:

  • Assist the Soucy Holding Management Committee in its commitment towards occupational health and safety
  • Ensure the health and safety of all Employees under their responsibility;
  • Ensure the subcontractors abide by our company procedures and guideline;
  • lmplement this policy and commit to the health and safety objectives;
  • Be aware of the occupational health and safety duties of care, efficiency and authority and abide by it.

The Employees must: 

  • Take charge of their safety and ensure they do not endanger the safety of others;
  • Follow the existing rules, procedures and work methods;
  • Be involved in identifying risks and seeking solutions in collaboration with their immediate supervisor;
  • Promote safe behaviours, particularly by reminding others to comply with this policy and existing procedures.